Never miss an update again (or burn your pizza)

Our latest application, OI Update, is now in the Market. It keeps version information of all your installed applications in a central place and notifies you of available updates. The main advantage for developers and end users is that not every application has to include their own update routine. This saves a lot of duplicated code, and many applications can drop the INTERNET permission if they only used it for automatic updates.

One of the first applications to make use of OI Update is OI Countdown. The application does what it says. Features include notification with sound and vibration, and you can define an unlimited number of named countdowns that you can launch concurrently. Make perfectly boiled eggs while you take out the pizza of the stove when it just starts to get crispy.

OI Notepad - big success

Our latest application, the OpenIntents Notepad has been downloaded from the Android Market over 10,000 times in less than 24 hours. It has already surpassed our other applications, the OI News Reader, the OI Shopping list, and the OI Flashlight. We have seen over 200 comments in the Market, ranging from "I love you" to "where can I donate". Well - we love you, too, and you can donate here (since you asked... :-) ).

But more important is that you like our applications. We constantly try to improve them, so if you have found bugs, have feedback, comments, or suggestions for new features, we'd love to hear about that in our forum.

Have fun with the apps, and remember to check back frequently, as we still have some goodies in our pipeline.

OpenIntents application in the Android Market

Since Oct 27, 2008, we have the first three OpenIntents application in the Android Market.

The OI News Reader helps you get the latest news to your phone. The OI Shopping list allows you to keep track of your shopping items or create a ToDo list. And the OI Flashlight is a small application that allows you to find your way in the dark by keeping the devices backlight turned on.

Of course, there is also the ADC top 50 winner SplashPlay in the Android Market.

We will upload more applications over time and improve the existing ones thanks to your feedback, so be sure to check back this site frequently!

Application registry

We are progressing on our public intent registration system and we provide a list of applications.

If you have publicly available applications that define new intents or content URIs, or if your applications use intents provided by other
applications, we would like to have that information in our database. Note that we do not add applications to this list that do not interact with other applications.

List of Intents

The list of intents should help developers to share and reuse application activities.
If you have an activity in your application you would like to share with other application this is the place to publish it.
In the future, there might be an Android application that suggests one or more published application if an intent could not be resolved.

See the list of intents for publicly defined intents.

Release 0.9.0

The OpenIntents team is back! :-)

Just to give you a quick update of what happened in the meantime: SplashPlay, a collaboration between and OpenIntents, won the first round of the Android Developer Challenge and became one of 50 finalists. We tried hard to write a great application, but unfortunately we did not quite make it into the top 20. The competition was a very tough one, and we congratulate the top 20 winners.

In the meantime, the new 0.9 SDK has been released, so it was time to also upgrade the OpenIntents code. There have been many changes that we needed to take care of. Most notably, the Sensors class had been completely rewritten. We now fully support the new interface, and we enhanced Android's API Demos that use sensors so that they can connect to the Sensor simulator.

Enjoy the applications! We are happy for feedback or suggestions. Please leave a message in our forum!

Get release 0.9.0 from our download page

Release 0.1.7

The last days before the Android Developer Challenge deadline have been quite stressful. Here we present the final version that we submitted to the ADC.
We put all our efforts into fixing bugs and polishing the documentation.

One notable addition is the inclusion of the wii-mote patch by Dale Thatcher: It allows to control the Sensor simulator and therefore also applications in the Android emulator that use sensors.

Release 0.1.6

We are getting closer to the final deadline of the Android Developer Challenge. As such, one of our main tasks was to improve the documentation and include step-by-step instructions for all our intents.

Release 0.1.5

The latest release features a new Media player that lets you play your favorite songs and videos from internal memory as well as from the SD card. Building on top of the media player is SplashPlay that lets you easily learn how to play the guitar.

We have enhanced the Content browser by a MultiWordAutoComplete feature and a context menu, and added new map functionality to Locations.

Our Newsreader now also supports Atom feeds and the Newsreader service can start on boot if desired.

Get release 0.1.5 from our download page.

New website

Welcome to OpenIntents' new website.

We are gradually starting to build a new web site for OpenIntents. Currently, most information is available at the OpenIntents developers site, so please have a look there.

Any suggestions about possible improvements of this site are more than welcome!


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