An OAuth Library/application for Android which uses Content Providers in order to store OAuth data


Note, that you can also use SignPost for Android when just making OAuth calls (see http://github.com/kaeppler/signpost)


RESTProvider handles all the HTTP querying and caching. Users can seamlessly interface with any Web Service API which provides JSON or XML as a response. To query a RESTProvider in an activity a user need only specify an endpoint and then query an APIs RESTful functions.


Discussions about open intents

As described on the OpenIntents mailing the Android team posted a blog about using intents (and did not mentioned openintents.org).

During the droidcon in Berlin dependency management was discussed as well. Hopefully, all these discussions will take Android a step forward.

Please check also

droidcon 09, Germany: OpenIntents is part of it

OpenIntents is part of organization team for the Android event droidcon 09 in Berlin, Germany.
The first android business and developer conference in Berlin/Germany takes place 4 November 2009. The day before a droidcamp, i.e. an Android barcamp is organized. The whole event will be organized by developers, experts from telecommunication industry and press members. From now on all interested developers can register for the barcamp for free. Tickets for the business conference are also available at 99,00 Euro each. Detailed informations are given at www.droidcon.de or www.droidcon.com.

Today also the official "call for papers" starts - for details please visit the droidcon website at www.droidcon.de/en/call-for-papers.

Obscura - picture safe

We recently published Obscura, a new picture safe for Android. Obscura uses OI Safe to encrypt images, similar to how you encrypt your private notes in OI Notepad through OI Safe. Obscura uses the same master key and password as OI Safe. Therefore it is important that you back up the master key of OI Safe by entering OI Safe and pressing menu > more > backup. Otherwise you will not be able to recover your photos after a phone reset.

The free trial version is limited to 10 encrypted images. You can upgrade to the full version by buying a license from Android Market or from OpenIntents.biz.

TimeXChange plugin

TimeXChange is a new plugin for the Timesheet application. It lets you connect and synchronize to your TimeXchange.net account. Use it to download your tasks and upload times.

OI Safe and OI Notepad

We welcome a new application in the OpenIntents series: OI Safe is the successor of Android Password Safe. It protects your passwords and other private data with AES encryption. All encrypted information is stored in a database on the phone. No information is kept online.

OI Safe works together with the latest version of OI Notepad: If you have both applications installed on your phone, you can encrypt your notes with the same password that you use in OI Safe. The password actually never leaves the safe, so this is a very secure way to protect your private notes. For details, see CryptoIntents.

OI About and new updates available

Recently, we have released the first version of OI About and updated the following applications:

OI About 1.0.0: Display version information, links, credits, and license.
OI Newsreader 1.0.8: Critical update: Time restriction removed. Additional Features (Mark all as read, Purge old Data).
OI Updater 1.0.2: Performance; download from default shop.
OI Convert CSV 1.0.1: Support for Outlook Notes Format.
Timesheet 1.0.2: Scheduled jobs, reminder, expenses.
Splashplay 1.0.4: Time restriction removed.

Timesheet and PocketPlay

We present two new applications: Timesheet lets you track the times you spend on your various jobs. You can specify customer, hourly rate, and task description. You can track your working hours "live" (start, stop, have a break), or adjust manually later. A special feature is that you can see live updates of total duration and costs per customer or for all customers. You can export the timesheet in CSV format that you can import in Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

PocketPlay is an audio player for your pocket. It is designed to be as easy to use as possible, even without looking at the phone (e.g. while in your pocket ). It comes with only three big, friendly buttons while playing so that you can not press a wrong button accidentally. A Playlist Editor and Trackbrowser are included.

These applications are from the same team of developers who created all the great OI applications, but we we wanted to charge for these applications. So they are not open source, and we dropped "OI" from the name to make that clear. We still hope that you like them and we are convinced that they are worth their salt. :-)

Currently only the trial versions are available from the Market. You can buy full version licenses at our new business web site OpenIntents.biz.

OI File Manager and new extensions

We are happy to announce the OI File Manager. It supports easy navigation through your folders on your SD card, and basic functions like rename, move, delete. A nice feature is the "Send" command that allows you to send files as attachements. The great news for developers is that it contains pick intents for files and folders: third party applications can use the OI File Manager to display an "Open file", "Save file", or "Select directory" activity.

The following extensions are now on the Market: OI Voice Notes is an extension for OI Notepad and OI Shopping List and allows to record and play a voice memo attached to a note or shopping list. The second extension is OI Convert CSV that lets you import and export notes or shopping lists to CSV files. Shopping list CSV files can be imported in Excel or Outlook. Notes are compatible to the Palm CSV format. Furthermore, Convert CSV lets you use the OI File Manager to select import or export files.

PS: Since we have seen many confused posts on the Market, let us point out the following: THE EXTENSIONS WILL NOT LAUNCH BY THEMSELVES. The extensions will show up as additional menu entries in OI Notepad and OI Shopping list (either directly, or through the menu / More command). Please help to spread this information in the Market comment section :-)


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