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Google Summer of Code 2012 - Wrap Up

This year was the second year OpenIntents participated at the Google summer of code. We are an open source organization which creates software for Android mobile phones and tablets, with special emphasis on interoperability with other software components. This year was really big. We had 8 students and mentors this year. Unfortunately, one student dropped out after the first weeks. For the other projects we had nice results.

My (personal) Favourite Talks at Droidcon Berlin 2011 (so far)

Today the programm for Droidcon Berlin 2011 has been announced and I (@fmdroid) would like to share my personal favourites:
Apart from the keynotes about tablets, augmented reality and 3D user interfaces I am looking forward to the talks about

* real time translation from speech to text for people with hearing difficulties
* the AR framework developped at the RWTH Aachen that was introduced last year
* Qt for Android and the Android plugin for Qt Designer
* Motorola ATRIX and their solution for the splits between web apps and native apps

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